Skip to content – QR code to link pc to phone : Making duplicate copies of smartphone files, like texts and photos, could be crucial if you have to replace your phone or upgrade to a different model. It is easy to make backups of these data using , which instantly syncs your phone to your computer.

It also ensures that the data is in sync, transferring any modifications you make from one device to another, such as when you snap photos with your smartphone and later upload images to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter using your PC.

Features of Link Phone to Computer

Here are a few options that you can access via your Windows computer, according to the date of release on the official website of the application at

  • Receive and send SMS messages.
  • Explore galleries and photos.
  • Transfer files from your phone to a PC, or reverse the process.
  • Utilizing the screen of your cellphone directly from your computer.

The Phone Link is a new function in the Windows Creators Update that lets you connect your phone to your computer. You can now view your phone’s notifications, messages and app notifications on your PC. You can also use the phone as a trackpad or keyboard on your computer. To begin, you must enter the code. – Benefits of Linking Your Phone to PC

  • Transfer the content from your phone to your PC.
  • Access apps that are installed on the phone using your computer.
  • Check out the messages in text via a notification pop-up on your PC.
  • Copy and Paste across devices feature
  • Voice calls from the computer.

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Install the Android Phone Companion App and set it Up –

  1. Install the application on your mobile device, and then choose “My PC is waiting” along with “Connect my computer” to start the process of connecting.
  2. Log in with that same Microsoft account you previously used to access Your Phone app on your Windows 10 PC by clicking Log in using Microsoft.
  3. After logging in, choose Continue and accept the app’s request for permissions.
  4. Ultimately, “Allow this device to connect to Your Phone app on your-pc-name” will appear for your approval. Press the Allow button on the phone.
  5. If you can’t find the most recent permissions on your phone, you can make a note to yourself via your Your Phone app on your Computer. You’ve almost finished this section.

The most recent photos will now appear in your desktop application. You can also access the SMS messages you have received by selecting messages from the menu to the left. The software offers the possibility of writing new messages and instantly replying to messages that have already been received.

A message display on an Android device will display on the screen until you remove the link between your device with the Windows computer. This is crucial to ensure that the background process of Android does not end the app that is a companion. Since a variety of Android phone makers use Android differently, this isn’t reliable. If you want to ensure that your Android device stays in tune with Windows, You should turn off battery optimization in Your Phone. Your Phone app.

To connect your Windows PC to your phone by using the Phone Link app, you’ll have to install and download the app on your computer. Once the application is installed and you’re ready to go, follow the on-screen instructions:

  1. Start the application on your device and select ‘Get Started’ on the screen.
  2. Click on “Sign-in” to sign in to sign-in with the details of your Microsoft account. This account must be the same one you use to log onto the phone.
  3. If you’re using a smartphone, visit in your browser. The link will take you to the Play Store’s website for the app, or it will start the Your Phone.
  4. Companion is a preinstalled app that you can install on your smartphone.
  5. Connect to this companion app using the same Microsoft account you have on the PC. A screen that scans the QR code will appear on the mobile.
  6. Go back to your PC and choose one of the choices below:
  7. “I am using The Your Phone Companion app installed on my phone” will show a QR code you must scan across the phone.
  8. “Pair with QR code” or ” Pair by hand” will show a code that must enter into your phone.
  9. When the devices are connected After that, you can accept the permissions displayed on the screen. This will enable you to benefit from all the capabilities offered by Your Phone.

How to set up calls on Your Phone app?

Start your computer and launch Your Phone app > select Calls. Follow the instructions on the screen. Accept any permissions requested to your Android device by displaying an ad. This will enable your PC to receive and respond to calls without a phone.

Connect Your Mobile to Computer –

This is how you can link your phone to your Windows PC in the easiest method possible.

Method 1: Linking the Phone to Windows PC

  1. Get the Phone Companion app and open it. You can also download it from: if not been downloaded already.
  2. Click on “Get Started” then “Sign-in”.
  3. Then, select “Link your phone and computer’.
  4. Return to your desktop.
  5. Click on “Pair with QR Code’and a QR Code will appear in your display.
  6. Please take a picture and scan it using the Phone Companion mobile app.
  7. It’s time to finish it. (It may take a bit of time to complete)
  8. Give access to necessary.
  9. Give all the necessary permissions and then click “Continue”.
  10. Accept the terms of service and click “OK”.
  11. Click on “Done”.

When you open your desktop, you’ll notice that your Android device functions successfully. You can connect to the Windows PC.

Method 2: Linking the Phone to Windows PC

  1. Look for “Phone Link’on your PC.
  2. Click “Get Started” and sign in.
  3. Enter your email address and security code to access the account you have created with your MS account.
  4. On your smartphone, go to
  5. Download the application via Google Play Store. Google Play Store.
  6. write the application and select to connect your phone and your PC’.
  7. From your desktop browser, Visit
  8. The QR code will then generate.
  9. Scanning your code with your smartphone
  10. Allow permissions to calls, contacts pictures, SMS, contact information and many other media types.
  11. Click to Continue.
  12. Choose whether you wish for the app to be run in the background. Application in the background.

Click ‘Done’ on your mobile and ‘Continue’ on your computer.


Sync your Android Phone with your Windows 10 PC-

If you have the latest version of Windows 10, you can sync your phone with your PC through easily. The Phone app will install on your computer. If it’s not, it’s simple to download it via your Microsoft Store. It requires an application called the Your Phone Companion app, created by Microsoft.

It is available through the Google Play Store on your Android phone, just as with other third-party applications that perform the same function. While the Official Play Store page says that it requires Android 4.4 or greater to use it, we can’t guarantee that it will work. We’ve tried the application using Android 7.0 and higher, and it runs flawlessly.

How to use Phone Link on Windows 11 –

  • On your personal computer, look for “Phone Link’ and click the relevant option
  • From the initial screen From the screen that introduces you, click “Get started.”
  • If you use an Android phone, copy and paste into your browser. You will take onto Google’s Play Store. Google Play Store
  • Install the app if it isn’t already. After you’ve downloaded it, click “Open”, after which you can select Connect your phone to the PC.’
  • You will see an error message that reads, “Is the QR code in your PC prepared? Do you have the QR code ready?’. Continue tapping
  • If you are granted permission, bring your phone to its QR-code on your device for reading. If that fails, then you might need to enter a pin.
  • Continue to your phone, then tap Continue on your desktop.

Linking Your Phone on Windows 10 with

  1. If Your Phone app isn’t already installed on the Windows 10 PC, you must install it. You need Windows 10 version 1809 or greater to use this feature. If you’re unsure, you need to check Settings and System.
  2. About to find out what version of Windows you’re running.
  3. Hit the Windows key on your keyboard, then search for and open The Your Phone app.
  4. There will be a gorgeous white page with only one button: the Click to Get Started button. Click here or visit
  5. You can now sign up for Windows 10 with a Microsoft account different from what you currently use. If you’re not sure whether or not to cancel, click Continue.
  6. The icon that shows Link’s phone. It remains visible following this.
  7. When you click on when you click on the Link Phone button, you’ll ask to enter your number and then click Send to an additional window. Close the Window after you’ve completed the required tasks.
  8. Microsoft will send you an SMS to the mobile number you supplied. The text message includes an address for the Your Phone Companion app on Google Play. Even if you’re clever and
  9. If you’ve installed the application on your smartphone, you must go through your sixth and seventh steps.

How to link your phone by aka ms phonelinkqrc?

  • Download the app, then open it via the App Menu via Start or your browser by typing in the following:
  • Click on “Get Started” and then click “Sign-in”.
  • After logging in, you must begin working on your Android mobile.
  • If you’re using an Android device Open Playstore and search for an application named “Link for Windows’.
  • Click this link to download the application.
  • Start the app and then select “Link your phone to computer’.
  • Return to your computer and enter your tick marks.
  • Click “Pair by QR Code’ and a QR Code will display in your display.
  • You can scan it with your device since it will be in a QR Code pairing state.
  • Take some time for your gadgets.
  • Once pairing is completed After pairing, your device will ask you to grant access to the application.
  • If you have all the permissions you have given, a message window will display, and you need to click “Continue”.
  • A system-wide warning window could appear if you continue to click after you click continue.
  • Click on the tick mark, then click OK.
  • Click on “Done”.
  • If you open your computer, you’ll get the confirmation message you know that your Android device is successfully paired and the desktop of your Windows desktop.

How to terminate the connection of my smartphone from my PC?

  • First, go to the official site of Microsoft and sign up using the same email ID you used before.
  • Go to the “Device” section, and a list of connected devices will display at the top of your screen.
  • Click on the device you wish to remove, then confirm it.
  • Open the phone and then re-open the app. It will display disconnected.
  • If you’d like to disable this,, the same process applies to your smartphone.
  • Launch the companion app on your device and then go to the settings. You will see the Accounts option. Open it.
  • Search for the exact Microsoft email ID that is entered on the computer.
  • After finding the post, click on your account and “logout”. “Logout” button.
  • After you follow the quick links, your device will remove from your PC.

FAQs – 

Does Phone Link need Wi-Fi?

A computer with Windows 10 (with the May 2019 Update or later) or Windows 11. An Android phone runs Android 7.0 (Nougat) (or later). Your PC and phone must both connect with the exact Wi-Fi connection.

What are the features of Phone Link?

Send and receive calls and text messages

When somebody calls, a phone screen is displayed on your computer. From there, you can end calls, place calls on hold, mute or even take calls from your phone. This app will eliminate the requirement to keep your phone with your every moment.

What is the security risk of Microsoft Phone Link?

The danger here is that someone in a position to access an other’s phone temporarily can enable Phone Link on their own Windows PC and use the software to track the victim’s phone conversations and text messages without the victim’s consent or knowledge. Activating Phone Link is a relatively easy process, even with an iPhone.

Does Phone Link need Bluetooth?

Phone Link, Phone Link app must connect to your Android device using Bluetooth to make and receive calls from your computer.